Mikro Pelion

The beautiful coastal settlement of Mikro (Small village or its oldest name) is considered a small paradise in Pelion.
It is located in South East Pelion, 82 km. from the airport of Aghialos, 57 km from the city of Volos (1.5 hours drive)
17km. from the headquarters of the municipality of Argalasti and 8.5 km from Lafkos.

Away from the noise with a beach almost untouched by cars is the ideal place for family holidays
with children, but also for those who want tranquility, relaxation and relaxation in the beautiful natural environment,

Although Mikro is the name of the small settlement, its beach is well known as one of the
the most beautiful of Pelion with the olive trees and the vegetation descending to the edge of the beach, fine sand that turns
in very fine pebbles near the sea and crystal clear waters that do not deepen so that it is ideal for both
children and elderly visitors.

Built on a natural bay that ensures the serenity of the sea and makes it ideal for swimming from Spring to
and the first few months of the Finooporos.